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Şubat 2014

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IELTS (IPA okunuşu /ˈaɪ.ɛlts/), International English Language Testing System (Türkçe: Uluslararası İngiliz dili sınav sistemi) İngilizce di...

Şubat 2014

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IELTS Speaking: 10 Tips on How to Speak Like a Pro

Is it even possible for non-native English speakers to sound like native speaker when speaking English? Of course, it is possible with constant practice!
The International English Language Testing System exam or the IELTS test (
) is an English proficiency test. Different individuals take the challenge of the said examination to get a certification of their fluency in the English language. This certification is a requirement by companies and academic institutions in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. Since it is an English proficiency examination, a speaking test is part of the examination.
The speaking examination is a one-on-one interview evaluated by a native English speaker. There are three tasks in the examination; hence, it is best to impress the native speaker with the best English speaking skills. Here are ten tips on how to sound like a pro for the IELTS examination.

1. Improve your vocabulary by reading lots of reading materials from various subjects. As you increase your vocabulary, you will be able to come up with intelligent responses. Choosing the right words that will better express your ideas in your answers is an advantage in the IELTS exam.

2. Having cold feet during the examination is just normal; however, try not to. If you are overcome with this feeling, you will not be able to speak well and think good answers for your responses. You will not sound confident resulting to poor delivery of answers.

3. Do pronunciation exercises. Having good pronunciation sounds that you are a good speaker of the language. There are a lot of pronunciation exercises online like in Youtube. Moreover, you can have someone, like a speaking coach, to evaluate your skills.

4. During the interview, always remember to have an interactive conversation with the interview. Do not give close-ended responses. You are assessed on how well you can carry a conversation.

5. Watch English talk shows in TV. Observed how the host and his or her guests interact, their body movements, and their facial expressions. Remember to be relaxed in the interview.

6. It is okay to lie during the exam. For example, you are asked about your favourite movie and you are the type who does not enjoy watching movies, it is better to make up a story than say that you do not have any. Be creative in creating a story but be sure that you can support this lie.

7. Practice IELTS speaking with simple picture exercises. Describe pictures that you see and make it a detailed one. It is a good practice for one’s vocabulary and sentence structure skills.

8. Talk to the mirror and observe how you look while speaking. Make it to a point that you do not look awkward while speaking. Remember to always look confident in speaking.

9. Be coherent with your responses. See to it that your answers follow a smooth flow – a brief introduction to the question followed by your ideas and examples.
10. Be part of IELTS speaking classes in IELTS review centers. Speaking coaches and mentors will guide candidates on how to come up with responses suited for the IELTS exam.

Speaking English should not be a problem for Filipinos. With constant practice and training, Filipinos will sound like a pro in the IELTS speaking test.
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