A world’s first: Lisbon transforms its cobblestones in QR codes to guide tourists.

Ekim 2012 | Eren Ülgar, E-Marketing Manager

Our city, our country, can be proud of a prestigious past. But, today, this is no more sufficient to attract visitors. We choose to distance ourselves from what other capitals are doing. We found a fun and innovative way to put the spotlight on Lisbon by transforming our cobblestones in QR codes. Thus, we offer tourists and the people of Lisbon an augmented experience of our city,” declared Sofia Godinho, communications manager for Lisbon City Council in an interview with Vankse

They discovered the Azores Archipelago, Madeira, Brazil… During the 15th and the 16th centuries, Portuguese were a people of discoverers and explorers. They still got this gene! Lisbon surprises today high-tech fans by being the first country in the world to implement cobblestoned QR codes. Just a flash with their smartphone, and the strollers may discover, in English and in Portuguese, all kind of information, that it is about the city’s history, its cultural agenda or tips on restaurants and shops. To realise this project, three good fairies leant over the cradle: the tourist information office for Portugal, Lisbon city council, and the association for promotion of Chiado (the old Lisbon area), while the communications agency MSTF Partners brought the project into life.

“The QR codes technology is indeed an innovative technology, but I found it is a fun wink to host them in very old cobblestones, like a fusion between technology and tradition. Craftsmen from a famous school here in Portugal, the Escola de Calceteiros, took care of the project’s realisation by inserting in our streets QR code of about one square meter. When we launched our project, we also created a sound experience for the passer-by by simulating the sound a cold chisel is doing on the stones. For sure, we attracted the people’s attention,”

continued Sofia Godinho.

To reach potential tourists, Lisbon “exported” one of its cobblestoned QR codes in Barcelona, one of the most visited cities in the world. By flashing, people could win a week-end in Lisbon… I think I need to leave you: it’s of utmost importance for me to test live these QR codes Web Tasarım Adeus amigos!