Journey to the star moon country: the best dessert with black tea

Mayıs 2022 | Ada Dunn, Waitress
When it comes to Turkish culture, many people will think of the black tea that Turks must drink every day and the glass tea cup with graceful posture. Slowly and leisurely, a cup of cheap black tea and chatting with three or five friends are the lifestyle that Turks especially enjoy. Turkish black tea not only represents a culture, but also has powerful practical functions. After eating all kinds of desserts in Turkey, I suddenly found that black tea is a perfect match for them. The sweetness of dessert is just neutralized by the astringency and perfection of black tea.Generally speaking, Turkish dessert has two characteristics: high sweetness and high use. The sweet-loving children's shoes will probably linger here.

La Vie Praline is the most famous dessert shop in Turkey. It is also a popular place for people to buy hand-in-hand gifts. Its most famous is soft candy, which is made of fruit juice, honey and nuts. It is a special food in Turkey.Because Turkey produces nuts, there are nuts in every flavor of its family. Soft candy is very sweet, but it is very natural. The nuts are very full. It's good to have one or two pieces of afternoon tea. If you want to buy it, you can weigh it by weight, and the price of various flavors is almost the same. You can also buy it in ready-made boxes directly. The boxes of each color are very good-looking. I also bought this kind of fudge wrapped with a layer of chocolate. It is sour and sweet. The fudge and nuts inside are mixed with the unique taste of chocolate. Personally, I feel it is more interesting to eat. It is said that this one is also deeply loved by children. Tupian

Strawberry Cake
Such a strawberry cake is really hard to resist. It's a big piece and the price is not expensive. The color of strawberries is very positive. There are not only three large strawberries on the surface, but also full strawberries in the cream layer. The most surprising thing is that the strawberry flavor is too strong. This is the flavor of strawberry in memory. I can't help but take another look at Amway. The fruit in Turkey tastes great and is the most original flavor of the fruit.

Rice pudding
It is said that rice pudding was a dessert during the Ottoman Empire. Mix rice, egg yolk and milk, and then put them into the oven. This dessert tastes quite fresh rice. There is also a layer of cinnamon powder on the surface, which adds more layers. But to be honest, this rice pudding is too sweet. I'm sorry that my concubine is a little incompetent to accept it.

Ice cream
Turkish ice cream is delicious! If you don't want to make mistakes, you can go to this chain store called Viyana Kahvesi Galata.It is said that its ice cream has won some awards. The cream flavor is very strong. Although it is still a little away from gelato, it can be poured without spilling. It is soft and sticky and can be pulled for a long time. Of course, there is this kind of ice cream sold by the little brother who can juggle. It's fun to be teased by kindness occasionally. Note that if you look at green ice cream, it's not Matcha flavor, it's happy fruit flavor, strong flavor, and it's a taste that's hard to eat in other places.

This is a popular dessert in the countries on the east coast of the Mediterranean. Although I'm not used to it personally, the local people like it very much. The outside is fried noodles, crisp, and inside is a little salty cheese, which is also sprinkled with happy fruit powder. Cut it down, and the full cheese overflows. I usually get tired of ice cream.

In Turkey, a big dessert country, desserts really occupy a pivotal position in life, with a wide variety and real materials. However, as a Chinese, you may feel a little sweet. At this time, don't forget to have a cup of black tea and let your experience up immediately.