Nicotine Patch and Weight Loss - What You Need to Know<br>

Kasım 2012 | Selcuk Timur, İnternet Marketing

Smoking as weight control

Smoking is usually associated with weight loss. Hence, some women have resorted to smoking to help them lose weight. In a University of Toronto study, girls who believed themselves to be overweight were 50% more likely to be smokers than those who believed themselves to be of average weight or too thin.

Why does one gain weight after going cold turkey?

Just as nicotine is believed to help speed up metabolism, quitting smoking can make your metabolism slow down and make you gain weight even though you're not eating more food. Once you have given up smoking, you will usually feel hungrier and food will taste better. You also need something to replace the butts and some people turn to food. The combination of consuming more calories while burning less results in weight gain.

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