Turkey's 'Kazandibi' dessert

Mayıs 2022 | Ada Dunn, Waitress
The name means 'pan' and that's where it comes from!

If you like Turkish chicken breast pudding, a creamy pudding with crushed chicken breast, you will love it as "kazandibi" (kah-tooth 'dih-BEE'). In Turkish, "kazandibi" means "bottom of the pot". This is the origin of the judgment.


Kazandibi" is actually "chicken breast pudding", which sticks to the sides of the pan bottom during cooking.
When the overcooked pudding is cut into long strips, it is folded upside down and rolled up.The caramel outer layer gives the pudding a crispy, rustic taste that contrasts with the sweet, creamy cake inside.

Like the "chicken breast" and other milk desserts from Turkish cuisine, "Kazandibi" also has a special place in the hearts of children and adults. Kazandibi can be found in most adana restaurants and buffets. The best products come from several well-known restaurant chains that specialize exclusively in milk desserts. Fans of Turkish pudding meet in these cafes at any time of the day or night for a cup of Turkish tea or coffee and their favorite dessert.


The picture on the front page is from Restaurant inci bosphorus! Super yummy! He's addictive, I can't get enough of it. It is sweeter than the average pudding, but it is balanced and delicious because it is firmer and creamier at the same time and the caramel layer is thicker. I tried to prepare this Turkish dessert myself, and found a recipe from the Internet, and here is how to make it.

How to prepare a "Kasandibi" dessert
Many housewives and husbands still prepare "Kazandibi", although it is a time-consuming dish. Start with fresh milk and the freshest chicken cook the pudding, you need a large pan and two rectangular metal baking trays, which are pushed into each other. That's how it works.

First, prepare the dessert recipe "chicken breast" according to instructions.After the pudding is cooked, but before you put it in the refrigerator, you need to caramelize one side so that it becomes dark. Sprinkle five to six tablespoons of powdered sugar on the bottom of your small heat-resistant metal pan.

Pour the still warm chicken breast pudding evenly over the powdered sugar and spread to the edge of the tin. You can support the spread by carefully placing the back of a wooden spoon, but not too aggressive, otherwise the sugar layer underneath will become unpleasant.


Light a medium flame on the largest burner of the stove and place the pan on it. Wear oven gloves and rotate the pan constantly so that all areas are evenly exposed to the heat.

Change the position of the pan again and again until the sugar is caramelized and the bottom of the dessert takes on a rich golden color. You can check the progress by carefully lifting the corners.

When you are satisfied with the color, remove the pan from the heat source. Place it on a larger rectangular bowl filled with ice and water. Let it cool down.

When the dessert has reached room temperature, cover with cling film and freeze overnight. Before serving, cut the "Kazandibi" into squares or cut into longer strips and carefully roll up when placed on the sheet.

Always offer your "Kazandibi" a dark side. You can garnish your "Kazandibi" with ground pistachios or hazelnuts, cinnamon or grated coconut.