What is the recommended age for children on a Turkish Yacht Charter?

Şubat 2013 | Yng Yachting, Yacht Charter Company
For private Turkish yacht charter , there really isn't a set minimum age level for children to be a part of a gulet charter holiday. This is left up to the discretion of the parents or adults accompanying the children who will be on board. It is however the responsibility of the guests to mind the children while they are on board or on shore during these Turkish gulet cruise vacations. Travelers who have brought children or infants with them on their holidays can do so freely. It is advisable to inform your yacht charter agent the age of children 12 years and younger, particularly if there will be toddlers coming on board the gulet. The gulets and the
gulet cruise itself is prepared to ensure the safety of all guests aboard as well as the crew. This includes the organization of the itinerary and anchorage points. There are life jackets, lifesavers, fire extinguishers and similar items on board at all times; as well as a tender in the event of an emergency and guests or crew need to be taken to shore.