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How to boost torrent speed?

  • First of all, a fast torrent is a very good seeded torrent. But if torrent has got a huge number of "leecher" peers, seeder count may be misleading on this case. Always prefer high seeded and low leeched torrent files.
  • On your modem settings, redirect both TCP and UDP ports, which your torrent software is listening.
  • Try decreasing your upload limit to a 50-70% of your total upload speed limit and (if your torrent software supports) try letting only 1 or 2 upload slots at one time.
  • Increase the value of "maximum number of total connections" setting. But do not set it to a very high value. Try a value between 400-800. It depends on your bandwidth actually.
  • Make sure that you don't have any other background software which always use an online connection frequently. Such as windows update, virus updates...
  • Most torrent software has got automatic connection settings wizard. Try those wizards instead of manual settings.
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