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Why do you share what you share?

To be honest, simplest answer is summarised in movie named "Into The Wild" that you should check to understend in deeper concept. But for now, in human psychology (as far as i know) there are two different emotion runs in opposite directions.
  • One of them is "Freedom": Not attached to "anyone" or "anything".
  • Other one is "Meanfull" which happens when you take part in social circulation as a person, or when you feel that you belong to some (where/body/thing).

We want both of them at same time which is ironic surely. So your question comes from this irony i think, "i share" because i want to tell something, and more importantly i want to be understood by someone in somewhere... You become "meaningful" or "person" when you express something that comes out from you, so expressing yourself creates difference between YOU and others, and if we collect all pieces; Sharing something can percieved as "Being yourself" in a way. That's why mosts share. From their instagram photos, to their food in camp-area... To exist, to proove the existence, and to understand value of shareing.
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